Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning process that utilizes a biodegradable cleaning solution to effectively kill and remove all mold, mildew, algae & dirt. The solution is applied at 60 Psi versus the 4,000 psi commonly used when pressure washing.

Is Soft Washing Safe?

If we wouldn’t use toxic chemicals on our own property why would we use them on yours. Our cleaning solutions are 100% biodegradable and have nothing toxic in them leaving you with peace of mind the entire time we are on your property. A list of chemicals will be provided to any client who request them.

What are the benefits of Soft washing VS Pressure washing?

Soft washing penetrates the pours of the surface being cleaned and the root system alleviating the need for high pressure and removing stains that could only be removed with the cleaning solution.

Why is it so important to keep mold, mildew & algae off my property.

These organisms thrive in the humid Florida climate and accelerated growth is found in surroundings such as overhanging trees, low lite areas and even the fillers that are used in shingle roofs. Maintenance is crucial to keeping your property from declining due to the acidic destructiveness of mold and alage on the surface.

What Types Of Surfaces Can Be Cleaned With Soft Washing?

Soft washing can be used on an abundance of surfaces including, stucco, wood, aluminum, brick, concrete & much more!

How long should I expect the cleaning to Last?

It all depends on the surface being cleaned but typically soft washing will last about 3-4 times longer than pressure washing on most surfaces.

Is Soft Washing Guaranteed?

Yes if any discoloration or organisms appear within a year we will provide a free cleaning of that area. Also we provide a 3 year streak free warranty on most roof cleanings. If any streaking occurs we will come back and clean it at a prorated cost. Although we do recommend areas such as your home and flat surface areas be treated once a year on our maintenance program to keep the over all cost down and add longevity to your biggest assets!

Do I need to be home during the cleaning process?

The client does not need to be present. We will notify you as soon as the project is finished and ask that you review the work performed to make sure you are happy with the cleaning.

Can you do a partial roof cleaning?

We treat the algae on your roof like a pest, so the entire roof must be sprayed even if it does not appear dirty. This will kill 100 percent of the algae on the roof and prevent further spread of it. This will in turn keep your roof clean longer.

Will Washing Hurt My Roof?

The soft wash method does not damage your roof at all. We do our best to spray the entire roof from the ground or a ladder keeping all of the granules intact and keeping concrete tiles unbroken.

What about my landscaping and surrounding area?

Prior to cleaning we will inspect the landscaping and determine any areas that need to be covered. Our solution is biodegradable but it does contain salt so we take extra precaution when handling your landscaping. We use a sheeting specifically designed to keep moisture out of homes while also offering superior breathability so your plants are not getting damaged by the sun and heat during the cleaning process.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured under a 2 million dollar commercial and residential policy as well as a commercial auto policy.